AEDA Success Stories AEDA Success Stories

Sucess Stories introduce projects and related research achievements obtained through a successful collaboration between industrial and scientific AEDA partners and which have proven significant applications of AEDA theoritical work on real industrial business cases.

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Octobre 2015

Optimized Motion Planning for a Materials Handling Robot Realizing Space-Efficient Feedbacks in the Material Flow of Production Plants

Abstract: Panel-sizing plants are employed to cut panels of different materials to specific sizes and to then sort and stack them. In order to keep waste to a minimum also in the context of customerspecific production, cutting plans become more complex, which results in that they can only efficiently be produced on plants with feedbacks in their material flow. Within digital product development of complex, technical systems, the here described work achieved the development and virtual commissioning of a material handling robot, which keeps spatial requirements of plants to a minimum and thereto considers constantly changing spatial limitations as input.

Involved partners: V-Research GmbH, Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH