Publications Publications

The AEDA consortium intends to publish ist research results and scientific contributions in top journals in the field of engineering design automation, artificial intelligence, heuristics-based optimisation, fuzzy modelling and expert system, machine learning and data mining, and knowledge engineering. Considered journals include the following ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (Cambridge Journals), Advanced Engineering Informatics (Elsevier), Expert Systems with Applications (Elsevier), Applied Soft Computing (Elsevier), Soft Computing (Springer), IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (IEEE), Information Sciences (Elsevier), Knowledge and Information Systems (Springer), Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Springer), Evolving Systems (Springer), IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE), IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE), and International Journal of Information Management (Elsevier).

Additionally, top international conferences will be visited, for instance ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, International Conference on Engineering Design, Design Conference (Design Society), IFF Wissenschaftstage, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems, ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference, International Multidisciplinary Modelling & Simulation Multiconference, International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC), Winter Simulation Conference, International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (I-Know), and Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (CIRP).

In addition to papers, seminar / congress presentations where AEDA results have been presented, are also available here as well as a set of AEDA sucess stories.