Seminar / Workshop Presentations Seminar / Workshop Presentations

Some of the AEDA project results have been presented in several industrial or solution providers congresses, seminars or symposiums.

The PDF copies of these presentations are available for download by AEDA Members logged into this website.

July 2016

Reuse of Engineering Data, Information and Knowledge in Collaborative and Automated Design Processes

Presenter: Jullius Cho (TUW)

Seminar / Congress / Workshop: IFIP WG 5.1 Doctoral Workshop 2016

June 2016

Auswahl und Integration von Automatisierungsl√∂sungen f√ľr Variantenmanagement

Presenter: Vaheh Khachatouri

Seminar / Congress / Workshop: Smart Variant.CON 2016

November 2015

Kundenindividuelle Konstruktion maritimer Kranet

Presenter: Gerald Frank

Seminar / Congress / Workshop: PTC LiveWorks 2015

November 2015

Die Automatisierung der Wissensarbeit in der Produktentwicklung

Presenter: Eugen Rigger & Vaheh Khachatouri

Seminar / Congress / Workshop: Siemens Symposium

April 2015


Presenter: Vaheh Khachatouri

Seminar / Congress / Workshop: Techsoft Seminar